Grandma’s recipes

Publication Grandma Pilar’s recipes Photography, graphic design, publishing Before Christmas we meet up with Grandma. She makes one of her recipes. I just take the photos of him and take the notes so I can post them.

ISSID 2013 Meeting (UB)

Imatge del Biannual Meeting ISSID 2013 · International Society for the study of individual differences Creation of the logo and graphic image of the Biannual Congress held at the CosmoCaixa in Barcelona in 2013. Organized by the University of Barcelona (UB). Logo design, corporate image, posters, rollovers, advertising elements, conference material: booklets, documents, identification cards, […]

Disc Cover · Caçadors de Bootlegs Vol.I

Caçadors de Bootlegs Vol. I Artwork, disc cover Design of the image of PD Caganer and of first volume of the disc Hunters of Bootlegs with mashups created by Xerramequ and PD Caganer.